10 Minutes - A Brief Respite

Hi. It's Joe.

My life is going full speed ahead right now and the throttle is jammed wide open.

It's a little scary, but it's damn thrilling.

Over the weekend I covered the Lake Mills Arts Festival on Saturday as a freelance reporter for the local newspaper in Lake Mills, the Leader. I went to the fest in the morning and checked it out, interviewing a few artists, volunteers, and spectators.

Around noon, I had to leave for a three (3) hour drive to Viroqua WI, where People Brothers Band was performing a show at the Harmony Hills Music Festival later in the afternoon. After the rock show, I hung out at the hippie fest for a little while, listening to Elf Lettuce. Then I had to drive back to Cambridge that same night to let my dog Buddy out. I didn't have anyone to sit for him, and I also didn't want to spend any money hiring someone to sit for him, or putting him in the kennel.

So that made for a long day, but after I got home I still worked on some writing stuff, because I love to write, as you can plainly see. I was not able to sleep in very much on Sunday morning, because I wanted to squeeze in an interview with Sherry Misener, one of the organizers of the Lake Mills Arts Festival, over breakfast and coffee. Since I had to leave the arts fest for Viroqua before it was over the previous day, I wanted to get her take on the rest of the festival and how it went. With that interview I was able to fill in the remaining details of the arts fest for the article I planned to write up Sunday night, which was due to the Lake Mills Leader newspaper on Monday morning.

But before I could write the piece, I had to race off to another rock-n-roll show. This time it was GUPPY EFFECT, performing at the End Zone Sports Bar in Delavan WI from 2 to 6 PM on Sunday afternoon. I was running a little late for the show, because the interview with Sherry had gone over a bit. I am always late for shows, so it was not a big deal.

But I got to the show only to find that our drummer had decided not to show up at all. He had not called me or my guitarist, Stefan, to let us know. He just didn't come. It was consternating.

Luckily, Stefan and I rock so hard as a semi-acoustic rock-n-roll duo that the sympathetic crowd still loved us and even said we didn't sound like we needed a drummer. True. But I still had to do a lot more percussive style playing on the bass to make it sound good. I was able to sell one of the two remaining GUPPY EFFECT women's thongs after the performance.

Ladies, FYI - we have one (1) remaining women's thong available, and it is a size small. I will sell it for $10 on a first come, first served basis. Just E-MAIL ME if you want it. It's a collector's item. We probably won't make any more, and even if we do, they will be a different style. So when we are famous, don't blame us that you don't own a small GUPPY EFFECT women's thong worth millions of dollars at auction.

Still, it was a bit anti-climactic knowing that I would have to "fire" our drummer for laming on a show.

When I got home, I had to do a few chores before I could settle in to writing the article for the Lake Mills Leader about the arts festival. I was up pretty late doing it, so on Monday morning I got a late start heading up to the cottage in northern Wisconsin where I am now.

Tomorrow I will help my folks with some much needed yard work around the cottage, and then I will cruise home Wednesday. Although I am non-stop rocking on life right now, it is nice to be up north with no cell phone or other distractions of life.

My time is up.

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