10 Minutes - Funny Bicycle Crashes on the Tour de France

Hi. It's Joe.

So yesterday, I posted about the first leg of the marathon of rock-n-roll that transpired last weekend. To wit, PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND rocked an amazing show to a packed house at the Hay Market in Decorah IA. We made enough bank on the gig to cover gas expenses and still pay the band, even though we would have performed for a loss to get that kind of awesome response. Plus, our lodging was free, and across the street from the gig. So everyone got to party.

On Saturday morning, after the gig, I got up and asked our host, Lynnette Perry, where a guy could get a stiff cup of coffee near her place. She referred me to a coffee shop a block away, so I walked up the street and was delighted to find that they also had breakfast-type foods. I ordered a breakfast burrito with my coffee and took it back to Lynnette's, where I ate it as my band mates slept. Man, they sure slept a long time. As much fun as we had, I was kind of eager to get on the road back to Madison, even though there was no urgency. We had lots of time to get back before our Saturday night show at the Come Back Inn in Madison.

They eventually got up and we loaded our gear and hit the road. I got back home in time to shower and then cruise over to Todd and Sherry's house where I fed and walked their three (3) Boston terriers, in exchange for them letting my dog Buddy out whilst I was in Decorah the night before.

We rocked a good show at the Come Back Inn, still kind of high on life from the Hay Market show in Decorah. But it still wasn't even close to the awesomeness of the Iowa show. As I mentioned in the previous post, Madison music audiences are a bit lackluster at best. Our die hard fans were right out in front having a blast, and God bless them each and every one. But the random passersby in the bar that night seemed like they could take it or leave it. There were a few exceptions, like a couple of hippie looking girls who really threw down on the dance floor. You know who you are, and we thank you for rocking hard.

I don't blame Madison audiences for not rocking. They have a huge selection of good music to choose from, which they totally take for granted. That makes them jaded and reserved when they see a band they have not seen before. It's just the way of the world. It's like how rich people can't really relate to how poor people live. They have no conception of it.

It's also kind of like Lance Armstrong riding the Tour de France again. People are like, "Why is he doing it again after supposedly retiring from it for two years?"

It's because he knows nothing else. He tried for a while to live a normal life like other people. He even did the big week-long bike ride across Iowa called RAGBRAI, which I will be riding in a couple of weeks, to try to see if he could ride a bike SOCIALLY (like most people), rather than COMPETITIVELY (like Tour de France racing bike people).

He couldn't. So he's back where he belongs, cranking his bike up and down treacherous alpine roads in France. I have to admit, I enjoy the Tour de France bicycle crashes a great deal, more so than the incredible cycling ability of these bicyclists.

NOTE: Some of these bicycle crashes are not funny, and the soundtrack contains ADULT language. You have been warned...It's painful to watch. And you know you will watch every second, just like I did. OUCH!


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