10 Minutes - I Am Suspending Posts for One (1) Week for a Good Reason

Hi. It's Joe.

I am going on RAGBRAI next week. That's going to mean very little opportunity to synchronize my brain with the massive global Internet brain, so I am going to have to suspend blog posts until I return.

But the up side is that when I return, I will have many excellent tales to tell.

RAGBRAI is a fun social bicycle ride across the state of Iowa. Although it goes for a full seven (7) days, my bicycle team is not doing the full ride. I should say, collectively, the team is not doing the full ride. I am doing a good five (5) days of it, Monday 7/26 through Friday 7/30.

It's really the funnest time you will ever have on two (2) wheels. It's difficult to explain how amazingly awesome it is, other than to say if you ride all or part of a RAGBRAI, you will be hooked. That is, if you like to ride a bicycle and socialize with about 10,000 other like minded people, totally isolated from civilization and your "other life." It's unbridled freedom, which THE MAN hates, but can do nothing about.

Anyway, I will be too busy biking and partying to write blog posts, even if I did have access to the Internet.

Honestly, I don't want to be connected with anything while on RAGBRAI. It's a total escapist vacation. What happens on RAGBRAI stays on RAGBRAI, to steal a cliche.

I am only bringing my Blackberry so that my friend Bryon can connect with us on Tuesday of RAGBRAI to party in Clear Lake IA. I may also use the BB to travelogue the highlights of RAGBRAI to Facebook.

After all, that's why I got the goddam Blackberry, for more efficient integration of my brain to the collective consciousness. I may as well make it worth the monthly fee I pay for the thing.

I will have my journal with me, and from time to time I will jot down some RAGBRAI thoughts in it. Then I might share these with you here after I get back. I have been so very diligent about my writing lately, it should be no problem.

Tonight, my awesome rock-n-roll band, GUPPY EFFECT, played a private party on a Pirate Ship. It was simply exquisite. Such great people and such a good time. The weather even cooperated.

I will miss rocking for a week, but I am bringing my acoustic guitar with me, so I should be able to rock some at night on RAGBRAI.

On an unrelated note, it saddens me when people I know create dramas to entertain themselves at other people's expense, simply because they are unhappy with their own lives. I wish everyone could be IMPECCABLE in their speech. I don't participate in dramas based on negativity and rumors, because they poison everyone involved. Thus, I am immune (much to the consternation of the drama mongers), but I still feel bad for the people who create their own angsty hell on earth by failing to be impeccable in their speech. It is so self destructive and that makes me sad for them.

My time is up.

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Anonymous said...

Joe, I know what your saying here!!! I was a shirt the other day and it said, "Don't hate me based on false rumors, hate me on the facts" I think that this is so true people listen to the loudest spoken person the squeaky wheel and don't bother to find the facts. They ASSUME that there are people that don't lie.!!! Have a splendid day won't you???