10 Minutes - I Have a "Scorched Earth" Policy When It Comes to Weed Wacking

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm up at the cabin.

You know what the greatest thing about making a living without a job is?

Well, there are many possible answers to that question. But the one I am favoring right now is being able to take a vacation Monday through Wednesday knowing there is not a goddam thing THE MAN can do about it.

It's priceless. I am up here with my mom and dad, my cell phone turned off (It doesn't get any reception anyway, and why would I want to incur roaming charges? The world can wait until I am back. It's not going anywhere.) and nothing to do but relax and enjoy the northwoods ambience.

Truth be told, I did do some work this morning. Yard work, ha ha! I helped my dad mow and weed wack and clear some brush between the cabin and the lake it is on, so it is easier to walk down to the lake to swim - which I also did, after we got done with yard work, to rinse off the bits of nature clinging to my skin.

I think the lake here has some kind of Native American healing powers. It is spring fed, so even in the middle of July the water stays fairly chilly and very clean (low temperature means less algal growth). After I go swimming in the lake water, I am overcome with feelings of pure contentment, unlike anything else I have felt before. It's not the same as taking a shower or jumping in a pool. I actually feel like I am "rejuvenated."

So that's why I don't tell anyone how to get to the lake, except once a year around Labor Day when I bring a few friends up to bike ride and hang out. The healing powers would be diluted if too many people exploited them. So the lake needs to be protected and used only sparingly.

I think I like the symbolism of being able to take a vacation Monday through Wednesday if I so please. When I worked for THE MAN, my boss was a tool who used to make my life a living hell, and one of the ways he did so was to control when we had to be at work. The 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, is a soul sucking enterprise used only to drain employees of the will to live, so as to keep them docile.

I am living like I have never lived before right now, and I would not trade it for anything.

Indeed, I actually make a lot less money working for myself, and I even have to do a lot of my work on the weekends, as I described yesterday.

But the thing is, I am my own boss now, and the work that I do is not only exactly what I want to do, but it's fun and almost 100% productive. And that's kickass.

In corporate America, the boss made the work very unfun and his soul sucking ways made the work only about 20% productive at best. I was wasting my life there, and it's good to be done with that. I am so glad I fired my boss.

My time is up.


Anonymous said...

can you bring a bottle of lake water home for me so that I can cure my strep? Haha

Just kidding Joe. Keep that lake a secret, we all need our retreats! I am very happy that you fired your boss. I can tell how happy you have become in the time since!

the rest of us will only trust to hope that the next one is successful: http://www.wrex.com/global/story.asp?s=12838536&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&sms_ss=facebook

all the best!

Joe L. said...