10 Minutes - Iowa Rocks!

Hi. It's Joe.

This is the first installment of several posts about my marathon of rock-n-roll last weekend.

PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND headed out to Decorah, IA on Friday afternoon. We had a show to perform at the Hay Market bar in this remote little college town in the northeast part of Iowa.

The drive was fairly smooth, even though we had to take four (4) vehicles, which is a foolishly wasteful way to travel for road gigs. I was driving with guitarist Tom. When we got to Decorah, we pulled up at the Hay Market and parked. Our host, Lynnette Perry, lives in an apartment kitty corner to the bar.

She used to live about 8 miles out of town, and when PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND cruised out there last February for a Hay Market gig and Festivus celebration, it was a real pain to have to drive out to her place on snowy icy roads after the gig.

But now, her place was pretty much a "green room" of hospitality right across the street from where we'd be rocking. And rock we did.

After eating a mess o' pizza at Lynnette's, we loaded our gear into the Hay Market and set up. There was a $4 cover charge to get in. My head was telling me there was no way we were going to draw a good crowd to the show that night. The college was out for summer and in a recession, a $4 cover might make people seek out other alternatives for entertainment.

But, luckily, in Decorah IA there are no viable alternatives. The Hay Market is THE PLACE.

Lynnette had done a lot of pre-show publicity for us and the word on the streets was that the last time we played there (see above) it was insane (and it was). So we somehow managed to pack the Hay Market that night. There were so many people that you could barely move around and we even had people standing on the clearing of floor that served as our stage.

That made it a little difficult to perform at times, but with a response like we got there, we could not complain. This show was 500 times better than any show we ever performed in Madison WI, which has lame audiences by comparison to Decorah IA.

It's nothing personal with Madison. It is just that Madison has a huge music scene and so many options to choose from. So people are spoiled and jaded, and they take live music for granted in Madison, even when the band plays awesome rock-n-roll like PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND does.

But in Decorah, they are starved for good music. So when an out of town band that already has a good reputation on the streets comes to town, people want to be where the action is. And it was at the Hay Market last Friday night.

I think also in Madison, because there are so many choices, people have a kind of "fear paralysis." They have so many live music options to choose from that they get anxiety about which one to choose and if it is the right one to choose. Then they just stay home for fear of making the wrong choice.

But I will tell you something very important, Madison. You can never ever go wrong seeing GUPPY EFFECT or PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND. The experience is never the same twice and it always rocks. There is something for everyone.

Plus, a thorough rocking is guaranteed. If you are not fully satisfied, your next show is FREE.


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