10 Minutes - Playing Catch Up Obviously

Hi. It's Joe.


Normally I would not do two (2) 10 minute blog posts in a day. But I got a little behind because of the marathon of rock-n-roll over the weekend. Plus, I am in a contemplative phase, and writing helps me think.

So, PEOPLE BROTHERS played an awesome rock-n-roll show on Saturday night, July 3. It wasn't quite as awesome as the Hay Market show in Decorah IA, like I said before. But it was damn good.

On Sunday, Independence Day, I had to get up kind of early to clean my house, because I had scheduled a HOUSE CONCERT at my house for 3 to 6 PM that day. I cleaned and set up all the music gear. The concert was well-attended. People brought food and Stefan joined me for a semi-acoustic GUPPY EFFECT concert that everyone loved.

After the house concert, Stefan and I chilled a while, ate some leftover food from the visitors, and then we made our way to nearby Fort Atkinson WI where I had booked a show at the Bolt Inn, a small but cool bar where they appreciate good music. We rocked a second semi-acoustic GUPPY EFFECT set there. A couple of people from the house concert even showed up, because they dug the music so much.

I thought the Bolt Inn show was going to conclude the weekend marathon of rock, but on Monday, after I got up early and worked the morning shift at the CSA farm, I got a text from Tim of PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND asking me if I would be so kind as to host the Come Back Inn open mic night that he usually hosts on Mondays, and get paid for it. Get paid to watch other people rock? Hell yes!

So the marathon of rock really didn't end until the wee early morning hours of Tuesday. I went to bed finally hoping to get a full night's rest, but then a whole bunch of crap unrelated to music broke loose and that's another story, which I probably won't relate here.


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