10 Minutes - Top 10 Radio Songs This Week

Hi. It's Joe.

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned wanting to get GUPPY EFFECT rock song "Becca" into the top 20 songs this week.

It wasn't so much because we really wanted "Becca" to make it into the top 20 songs this week. It was more to do with getting a lot of Web traffic to this site, so that people could listen to the song and maybe even download it.

The idea was to create a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. When people would search Google for "top 20 songs this week," as a keyword phrase, this blog would appear in the results list, probably in the top 10 because of the SEO nature of that particular phrase (that's why I chose it). Then a handful of those people would click through to this blog and a handful of those might even listen to "Becca." And of those, one or two might even download it. I know that's a lot to expect, but supposedly that is how the Web works.

That's also why I titled this post "Top 10 Radio Songs This Week." As titles go, there is very little competition among Web pages for the phrases "top 10 songs this week" and "top 10 radio songs." So I combined the two in the title in hopes of attracting Google's attention with regard to people searching these phrases.

This all probably makes very little sense to you, but I am currently taking a free online Internet Marketing course called THE CHALLENGE, and it is all about understanding how the Internet responds to input from the humans using it.

I think it will bring me closer to my goal of full assimilation between my brain and the Internet brain, at least with regard to the topics that interest me, such as sugar gliders as pets (no thanks!), and 500 free business cards (yes please!).

So, if you got past all that boring stuff, on to better things. GUPPY EFFECT, Wisconsin's most rocking band, is playing a somewhat earlier than usual show tonight at Windwood of Watertown. I have to leave here at 5 PM to set up for the show, which runs 7 to 10 PM.

CLICK HERE for a map if you wanna come.

That means I need to squeeze in a RAGBRAI training bike ride (back link alert!), including a stop at the bank and the Lake Mills Leader newspaper (I'm going to be a part time writer for them, yea!), before then - and still leave some time for loading gear and showering.

I'll bet it's a scorcher out there today. I had better get moving.


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