15 Minutes - A Dilemma of Rock

Hi. It's Joe.

My dilemma is that I like to gig on Thursday nights, but that is PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND practice night. I make my money from music, in part, and there's demand for music on Thursday nights, thus paid gigs. But it's also the only night PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND can practice, and they have provided me a lot of paid gigs too, just not on Thursdays. While I make more money playing solo on Thursdays, I play more frequently with PEOPLE BROTHERS, so it is a toss up. But I'd still like to gig on Thursdays, and have PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND practice a different day. But then that just Fs up someone else's schedule, so its a no win situation.

I tried to get them to switch practice to Tuesdays, so I could gig on Thursdays, but that didn't work. The compromise I came up with is that I told them I have to have one (1) Thursday off per month to gig, and in July (HAPPY JULY by the way!) it looks like it will be Thursday July 15, when I have a GUPPY EFFECT awesome rock-n-roll show at Windwood in Watertown.

The irony of it all is that I could totally get PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND a gig there on a Thursday night. It wouldn't pay much, only about $250, but that is better than ZERO which is what having band practice gets us. PEOPLE BROTHERS doesn't like to do "live practices" because they aren't really practices where we can learn new material. They just fall on the same night as practice, but are really shows. I get that. I'd just rather gig.

I don't feel too bad though. I have a Wednesday night gig hosting open mic that is pretty easy and doesn't keep me up to all hours, at least through August. And just about every Friday and Saturday through August has a GUPPY EFFECT or PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND show. So I am set for summer.

Tracy will be back in September, so hopefully she and I can sketch out a business plan for rocking through Halloween and then songwriting most of the winter and making riches via Internet Marketing and book selling.

I am thinking about getting DOWNLOAD CARDS from CD BABY for my album "Inspirado," as an alternative to CDs.

These are like little pre-pay cards with a unique code that lets people download the album digitally via CD BABY from a computer. I like the 21st century quality of that. I won't lie, I hate CDs. These cute little cards only cost $0.59 each. So even if I sell the full album for just $1, I would still make a 40% profit margin. And then my music fans can get my entire album onto their iPods as MP3s for just a buck. That's win-win.

If I sell CDs, even at cost, I have to charge about $5 just to break even, much less make a profit. That's highway robbery, and I don't want to rob anyone, least of all MYSELF.

In honor of this idea, I made CACTUS JOE'S "INSPIRADO" available in its entirety for just $1 at cdbaby.com/cactusjoe. That's right - starting right now you can get all 11 of my kickass rock-n-roll songs from INSPIRADO for just $1.

This will be good through Monday, July 5th. So visit cdbaby.com/cactusjoe TODAY and download it for just a buck!

If you do, you don't even have to buy me a coffee today, OK?

(NOTE: You can preview the songs free first to see if you like it. But I know you will...)


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