30 Minutes - Let Me Explain This "Buy Joe a Cup o' Joe" Thing

Hi. It's Joe.

It's Friday.

Back when I used to work for THE MAN, I used to be glad when Friday came along. I still like Fridays, but not for the same reasons. When I worked for THE MAN, Friday represented a respite from his soul-sucking ways. Now that I work for myself, Friday actually represents the START of my intense work schedule.

You see, part of making a living without a job, for me, is playing live music on the weekends. While the hours are fairly short, they are intensive and they take a lot of physical and mental energy. It is the GOOD kind of stess, and I love doing it, but it takes a lot out of me and puts me on a weird diurnal rhythm that is sort of like working second shift for most employed people.

I've adjusted. I just follow this schedule most of the rest of the days of the week, to be consistent. I usually reserve my mornings for personal time. If I don't sleep in (which is hard to do, when you are self employed), I usually relax, practice piano, do a lesson of THE CHALLENGE, go for a bike ride, or read. Sometimes I go work on the CSA farm, which is like a workout. Then I start my business day around noon or so, applying Internet Marketing lessons from THE CHALLENGE to my online business activities, soliciting freelance jobs, and generally writing as much as I can.

Then my work day ends around 2 AM. And I repeat this cycle just about daily. I do take a day off here and there to rejuvenate myself. What would be the point of self-employment if I couldn't dictate my own schedule, right? Still, I probably average about 80 hours per week of actual, productive work. I like the feeling of being productive, even if the pay is low. When I worked in corporate America, it was the opposite - high pay and very low productivity.

This 10 minute blog post each day is essentially "training" to be a good writer. The only rule of good writing is that your readers want to keep reading. That's it.

Are you still reading?

QED. I'm a half-way decent writer (because I am only about half way done with this post, and I know full well I might lose you before the end). Notice, I haven't really written about anything substantial or useful, but you continue to read because my writing is good and you can appreciate the aesthetic of it.

That is sort of a segway (segue?) into why I call this blog BUY JOE A CUP O' JOE.

The whole thing about buying me a cup of coffee is kind of like a TIP JAR. It's totally an optional suggested donation of $3.50, every cent of which goes to FUELING my creative efforts, often driven by caffeine (though I like to think it's not essential, it is). But at least it's not speed, or cocaine.

In fact, I want everyone to know I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I am not trying to toot my own horn, I just want people to know that coffee is my main vice, and people should know that any endorsement of ME through coffee donations on this site only goes to good things aimed at making the world better.

When I play a rock-n-roll show, with one of my rock bands, even if we are getting paid by the venue to perform, I will often put out a TIP JAR.

That way, if people think we have rocked above and beyond the call of duty, they can give us an extra little bit of praise with dollars (or in some cases cents...).

It's the same deal with this blog. Hopefully, it entertains you (are you still with me?). I don't expect anything more than your gratitude. But if it really entertains you and you think I have gone the extra mile to make your life a bit sunnier and happier, and you have some discretionary spending money, then you have the option to "throw me a bone" in the form of a coffee donation.

Granted, the donations go into the general coffer that fuels my creative and rock-n-roll enterprises. But buying coffee regularly is one of those necessary things I need to make this all happen. I can assure you that my coffee consumption FAR exceeds the donations I have received here (and thank you to EVERYONE who has ever donated - multiple donations are accepted!). So you know your donations are not going to waste.

In fact, I am at almost 100% efficiency in my endeavors these days. When I first "fired" my boss and started on this journey to be a free agent in the universe, while teaching others how to do it too, I experimented with a lot of different things, and I finally realized that the best way to go is pursuing things you LOVE to do.

So I tried a lot of things I hated, like band booking, and finally decided to commit heart and soul to songwriting, music performance, and writing (the normal, non-songwriting kind). There is no way a human being can work 80 hours a week on something they hate without losing a lot of soul, no matter how good the pay is.

The pay isn't very good for my passions. But I do them well and I have no plans to stop. The only necessary task I do that is not optimal is balancing my books as a small business enterprise. I don't hate it, but I don't like it. It just has to be done.

I even report all your kind coffee donations to the IRS, as sad and pathetic as that is.

So thanks for reading, and I really appreciate your love and support everyone!


p.s. Another way you can support my efforts is by listening to some of my songs at www.broadjam.com/guppyeffect. They are free to stream and only $0.99 to download. You can also search "guppy effect" and "cactus joe" on AMAZON or iTUNES.

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