1 Minute - Busy!

Hi. It's Joe.

Even though I am super busy and overwhelmed by everything I need to do, I am still taking a minute to write a quick post here.

When you are stressed and overwhelmed and panicked that you cannot possibly get your TO DO list done, don't be paralyzed by fear.

Just break down your TO DO list into DOABLE chunks.

I have to clean my house. But because of all the other things on my list - write article, mow lawn, cook food for potluck, go to laundromat, take online class, play gig, pick up Buddy from kennel, drive to cabin, etc. - it would be easy to say I don't have time to clean my house and thus not do it.

Instead, I am going to say, I do have time to vacuum the living room, which is a start towards cleaning the whole house. So I am going to do that.

When you break it down into doable chunks, your TO DO list becomes DOABLE.

After all, I found one (1) minute to write this blog post didn't I?

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