10 Minutes - Elvish Writing

Hi. It's Joe.

I have definitely noticed a significant improvement in my writing since I began this exercise of writing for 10 minutes every day (excluding the rare days I don't want to).

I titled this blog "Elvish Writing" because I am feeling elvish today. So I apologize to anyone who arrived here seeking Tolkien-esque enlightenment or an elvish dictionary. However, see the link on the right?

Also, I can assure you (and my readers will endorse me, I'm sure) that a quick read of this blog post will do you good.

"Exercise" is an appropriate word for it. When you do physical exercise every day, you get stronger, lose weight, and generally become more physically fit. There's no way to achieve this other than exercise.

It's true of any skill or art. You have to practice to get good at it. I have always said, "Practice is 90% of talent." This is generally true for most people. The reason people have a talent is because they perform that talent regularly and thus get better at it, putting the rest of us to shame on that particular talent. But everyone has a talent. As I also like to say, "Everyone has a super power. Some people just don't know what it is yet."

Some people are talented at playing video games or smoking marijuana. You never know, those talents might save the world some day. Just look at Jay and Silent Bob in the movie "Dogma."

My talent is writing. I am also damn talented at bass guitar, which is kind of the exception to the rule, because I don't really practice the bass guitar as much as I should, if at all these days.

But then again, just imagine if I did practice bass guitar 30 minutes to an hour every day. I'd be super mega kickass, not just talented. My current level of talent is just a by-product of gigging two (2) or three (3) times per week in the best indie rock band and the best jam rock band in the world. The gigs keep my skills at a fairly sharp level, amounting to (an albeit crammed) six (6) to eight (8) hours per week of bass guitar practice.

Sadly, that kind of practice means I am playing a lot of the same tunes over and over. So I am really good at playing those tunes, but unbeknownst to my adoring fans, I am still fairly weak at learning new material.

I plan to remedy that here soon. I am going to get back into both bass and piano practice as soon as I gain more economic stability, which I expect to happen in the next few months here.

I really need to move to a tropical climate. Or even a desert climate, just so long as the winters don't suck as bad as they do in Wisconsin.

It would be fun to sell my house and get an RV. Then I would cruise around the U.S. doing travelogs of various places.

It's fascinating that many people search Google looking for sources of elvish writing.

My time is more than up.

p.s. for the elvish-inquisitive...

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