10 Minutes - A Fine Friday Despite Being the 13th

Hi. It's Joe.

Today was pretty kickass.

I sold my BioCube 29 gallon Oceanic aquarium to a nice family this morning. I think they will take good care of it. I put the money into the business fund.

Also this morning, the dryer repair man came and fixed the dryer (belt broke), as well as the knob on the washing machine that had been broken for a while. He didn't even charge for the washer knob quick fix. So karmic balance has now returned to my laundry room, although I expect the repair bill will probably cancel the proceeds from the aquarium sale.

Like I always say, easy come easy go.

Actually, I never say that, mostly because it is usually easy go easy go.

Anyway, after all the morning stuff was over and done with, I cruised on up to Lake Mills and rocked out solo acoustic at the Waterhouse Cafe for a decent lunch crowd (although, I only made $1.25 in tips, which is atypical). A young woman and her daughter really dug my tunes and took some promo home with them so they could download some free songs.

After the nooner gig, I went to the bank to deposit the cash winnings from the morning aquarium sale. I had also received in the mail yesterday a check for writing newspaper articles, which I deposited as well.

I took Buddy to the vet in the early afternoon to get his bordatella booster shot. There was a tornado warning in the area, and the sky was ominous. But it all just kind of evaporated by the time I was done at the vet.

I ate an early dinner of Rice Krispies with American-made strawberries and blueberries (both in season, I think) and almond milk.

After I fed Buddy and let him out, I loaded my music gear in the car and headed for Delavan WI, where GUPPY EFFECT was slated to rock the Phoenix Park Bandshell from 7 to 9 PM. To get there, I had to drive through a torrential downpour, which bode ill for the gig. Indeed, I arrived at the bandshell to find it deserted, except for my man Stefan. Drummer Greg showed up a few minutes later and we hatched the idea to "roll with it."

We cruised down to the south shore of Lake Delavan and stopped in at the End Zone sports bar. Owner John was very open to the idea of GUPPY EFFECT rocking a short set in exchange for free pizza and drinks. So that is what we did, turning a negative into a positive.

Diamond Dave, who DJs at End Zone on Fridays, lent us some of his gear to rock-n-roll until about 9:30 when he took over the entertainment functions. Dave is super cool.

John penciled us in for another show on a Saturday night in October, so we got the added bonus of another show booking.

All in all, it was a fun and productive night. As fate would have it, GUPPY EFFECT is back in Delavan WI tomorrow (Saturday 8/14) to rock Bella Grays Inn, right across the street from the End Zone, from 3 to 6 PM. There's even going to be a FREE PIG ROAST, for some kind of benefit or something.

We shamelessly plugged this fact to the End Zone crowd, so hopefully some of them will stop over. They all told us we sounded awesome, even while all the while griping about how we needed to learn this or that cover song that they love. Whatever. We play what we play and it rocks arses off, so people can't whine too much when they are being thoroughly rocked to the core.

Unrelated, I wanted to mention that I noticed something today. I no longer have the "discontented sighs" that I used to have when I worked for THE MAN. You know what I mean - those deep breaths of angst and frustration, when you feel like you can't take another minute of bullshit?

I think this is a sign that I am a lot happier these days. My former boss was a real energy vampire - the kind of person who just sucked everyone's life force away with negativity. I think I was the only one at the VITAMIN COMPANY who realized what a life-force sucking entity this guy was. I know for a fact that everyone felt angsty and mentally drained around my ex-boss, but I don't think they ever put two and two together, like I did. Luckily, I was able to fire my boss and go make a living without a job.

There is nothing cooler than people giving you money just for being yourself and doing what you love to do, in my case science writing and rock-n-roll music.


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