10 Minutes - I Am Happiest Writing and Performing at Hippie Fests

Hi. It's Joe.

Boy, life sure gets frantic. I try to keep it from getting so, but then reality gets in the way.

So PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND is playing a hippie fest this weekend. It is called "Chicken Town." It sounds like a lot of fun. The only problem is that someone scheduled PEOPLE BROS to perform at 6 PM on Friday evening.

Normally, this would not be a big deal, but "Chicken Town" takes place in the remotest part of Iowa, near Decorah, IA. That's about four (4) hours of driving, which totally blows the afternoon for me on Friday.

Not that I had anything major planned. I had an important appointment though, which luckily I was able to reschedule until next week. I do have a solo gig at Waterhouse Cafe in Lake Mills from 11 to 12:30, which puts me at "Chicken Town" about 5 PM, ample time. All I have to do is set up my tent. I don't need to bring any music gear, apparently, other than my bass guitar. Maybe I will get to play Scott Lochner's sweet Modulus bass guitar again.

I am taking Buddy to the kennel at 8 AM on Friday. That probably already happened if you are reading this, because my blogs here usually don't post until a little after 1 PM daily. Thus, as you read this, I am probably driving west towards Decorah, IA. Are you happy for me?

MoonDawg is playing at "Chicken Town" on Saturday, around noon. I want to hear them, but I also want to leave "Chicken Town" early enough to get back and pick up Buddy at the kennel. I am not bringing Buddy with me. Too many headaches. I don't want to leave him at the kennel two (2) nights, because that costs money. I'm still fairly poor, you know? However, I would not substitute riches for happiness, and I am very happy, notwithstanding poorly planned hippie fests.

I get to see my family a lot these days, and Wisconsin's best bike ride, "Bike With Melinda," is happening over Labor Day weekend. I love hosting it. I will be spending the entire week before Labor Day up at the cabin, chilling with my parents, sister, and niece/nephew.

It is unlikely I will start working a new job before Labor Day, at this point, so nothing should kibosh my long week of mental hiatus up north.

I wish I could teach everyone how to make a living without a job. It's not easy. It's hard work. But it sure is satisfying. There is really nothing like it.

My time is up.

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