10 Minutes - I Am in Love...With a 5-String Modulus Bass Guitar

Hi. It's Joe.

Modulus Guitars Quantum 5 Quilt 5-String Bass 040077On Saturday, I played a 5-string Modulus bass guitar.

It was by far the best bass I have ever played to date. The action was superb, the sound clean and accurate. The bass guitar virtually played itself.

On my way back from biking across Iowa on RAGBRAI 2010, I attended Tim Lochner's wedding in Hillsboro, WI. It was on the way home from Iowa, so I did not go home first. Luckily, it was a hippie wedding and involved camping at the Wallace farm (bride's family). I already had my tent in the car as a result of RAGBRAI, although we only had to camp one night on the bike ride. The rest of the time, we stayed at the homes of friends and relatives.

However, I did not have my bass guitar in the car, because it would not have survived the harsh environment of RAGBRAI (although my beater guitar did OK).

At Tim's wedding, three (3) bands played. The first was SHADOW DANCERS, a traditional wedding cover band hailing from Winona, MN. The third band was MOONDAWG, also from Winona. PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND played second, and I borrowed Scott Lochner's (Tim's brother, who plays in MOONDAWG) Modulus bass for the PEOPLE BROTHERS' set.

I could not believe how sweet and easy it was to play. I totally have to find a Modulus used bass guitar for sale as soon as humanly possible. If you know where I can find such a bass for a decent price, please comment here.

New, these basses run several thousand dollars, and based on Scott's 5-string Modulus bass guitar (which he found on E-bay), they are worth every single dime.

My time is up.

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