10 Minutes - I'm Selling My BioCube 29 Gallon Oceanic Aquarium

Hi. It's Joe.

The aquarium hobby has lost its shine for me, and I will soon be parting with my BioCube saltwater aquarium and its two (2) remaining inhabitants, a pink tip anemone and a vegetarian sea urchin.

That's my 29 gallon BioCube on the right. It's the coolest marine aquarium I have ever owned. It's only 29 gallons, which is a lot easier to maintain than my former 55 gallon salt tank. But to be honest with you, I would rather not maintain ANY aquarium. I have enough other things to keep me occupied and I am really just raking up a high electric bill each month running the filters, pumps, and lights. In the winter, I also have to heat the damn thing to keep it a nice tropical 80 degrees in my frigid 60 degree living room.

I think I found a good home for it. A family was seeking a 29 gallon BioCube for their son for his birthday. They couldn't find one. But now they have, because I am selling mine.

View the Craigslist ad HERE.

The nicest thing about the BioCube is that everything is self-contained in the rear part of the aquarium.

The rest of this post is mainly oriented at keyword optimization to attract aquarium-seeking traffic to this post.

For example, I am going to use the phrase "biocube 29 gallon aquarium" in this sentence to let Google know it's a killer page for that phrase.

"Aquarium cabinets" would be a good keyword, except for a dearth of decent backlinks to this post. My BioCube comes with a sweet aquarium cabinet.

To be honest with you, saltwater aquariums is a lousy niche to try and get traffic for. It's highly competitive and almost every keyword phrase is jam packed with competing sites.

Apparently, aquariums are really popular on the Web. This could explain why my Craigslist ad for the BioCube for sale got immediate responses.

I am sure I will sell it promptly via Craigslist and I didn't even need to make this useless post. But why not?

Sadly, my time is up once again.

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