10 Minutes - Our MAMA Award is Sweet!

Hi. It's Joe.

Stefan picked up GUPPY EFFECT's MAMA Award last Monday. It's pretty sweet. For those just joining the world's most awesome blog (this one!), GUPPY EFFECT won BEST HARD ROCK SONG at the 2010 MAMA Awards for our catchy little tune "
Porn Star Hot."

Today I discovered that the blog URL wholefoodvitamins.wordpress.com was available, which both surprised and pleased me, because "whole food vitamins" is a fairly high SEO keyword phrase, just what I need for my research writing on nutrition and health. Along with that keyword, "comparative guide to nutritional supplements" is also quite well trafficked on the Web, which is why I used it as a subtitle for the blog as well as a category tag.

I'm behind on THE CHALLENGE, the free online course about Internet Marketing I am doing. Although it's a highly educational course, it isn't technically 100% free as the developers (Ed Dale and co) would have you believe on its face.

While most of the software tools of the course are free during the course, they would require you to buy the software after the course is over, albeit at a reduced rate. That's all fine. In that regard, the course is free and it's not very misleading to say so.

But I did notice that they ask people to PURCHASE domain names relevant to market niches, under which the free WORDPRESS blog sites will be "masked." This, I think, exceeds the "totally free" claim of THE CHALLENGE, because I feel that during the course, EVERYTHING needed should be FREE as advertised. I understand why they want people to BUY domains containing the relevant market keyword phrases. Google digs that, and so it is better for attracting Web traffic.

However, I am poor. So I am going to continue the course with minor modifications to maintain a completely FREE approach. Even though www.wholefoodvitamins.com would be an optimal (and costly) domain, wholefoodvitamins.wordpress.com is still pretty good, and of course my content will be kickass, because I'm me.

I realize this post was kind of boring today, for those who are not as excited about niche-based Internet Marketing as I am. Please don't let that deter you from coming back tomorrow. You know this blog is very dynamic and usually entertaining.


Time's up!

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That was a little boring...we want meat!!!! Give us meat!!!!