10 Minutes - Rekindled Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science: Mindful Meditation

Hi. It's Joe.

I would, and probably should, teach the young people of today some tips for better living.

But honestly, I think it would be a futile effort.

Kids just don't listen and they don't trust authority. God bless them fo that. I was the same way growing up.

It's just a fact of life that everyone has to learn by trial and error, no matter how much good advice they get from their "elders."

Here's one.

I discovered that it is not MOSQUITOS that bother me. It is the sound of mosquitos and their bites that bother me.

But the sound bothers me far more than the bites, because I associate the sound with the occurrence of bites, much as Pavlov's dogs associated the bell with food. So when I hear the sound of mosquitos, I get really bent out of shape, and become preoccupied with shooing them away and running from them.

This often precludes doing other tasks I need to do, such as mowing the lawn, or even just sitting outside reading a book.

My solution? Ear plugs. Or an iPod.

I have noticed that if I can eliminate the SOUND of mosquitos buzzing around my head, I am not the least bit bothered by the mosquitos, and only mildly irritated by their bites (it's uncanny how they can find the patches of skin unprotected by DEET and burrow their probosci there).

I know that's probably not the right plural form of the noun "proboscis." But I don't know what the plural should be, and that sounds good enough.

So that's one piece of advice for the youngsters of today. Just use ear plugs to make the stimulus of "mosquitos" less bothersome. But still use ample amounts of DEET if you can stand it. Because sound or no sound, the mosquitos will still eat you alive like a swarm of miniature vampyres.

Another simple piece of wisdom is to do some mindful meditation each day.

The brain needs a break from non-stop business. Always take time out to think about nothing. Find a quiet place and focus on nothing. When your mind wanders onto SOMETHING, and you become aware of the fact that you are thinking about something other than NOTHING, just go back to thinking about NOTHING. If it helps, you can focus on your breathing. Although that is SOMETHING, it is about as close to NOTHING as you can find and really accomplished the same thing, resting your mind from thinking about things.

There. I have just taught you everything you need to know about Zen meditation in a single paragraph.

Of course, you can also just take a POWER NAP instead.

My time is expired.


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Wednesday said...

Nice. Insightful. Most people don't ever think to think about nothing. It takes some practice.

Overall, I feel hate is a wasted emotion - one spends far too much energy, but I was getting to that point with mosquitoes and their buzzing.

Getting swarmed is awful.