10 Minutes - Sold!

Hi. It's Joe.

Well, I sold Tracy's mountain bike for $150. A guy picked it up for his girlfriend, who he says is about Tracy's height. I guess she lives out of town and couldn't try it out. $150 was a great price. I think I paid over $300 for it new and it was almost new. If she doesn't like it, I am sure he could probably even sell it for $200 on Craigslist.

Well, I am definitely getting out of music sooner than later, at least with regards to live music performance. It's not that I am too old. It is that there is just too much BS to deal with, petty band drama and poor leadership, vision, etc. I mean, it's hard to be a visionary leader of rock-n-roll when no one is up for the task of following. I don't understand why the universe insists on throwing me a bunch of drama and BS all at once, both music and non-music related.

This past week my dryer belt broke, my well pump pressure tank burst (thank goodness I was home), and my bands got into all kinds of silly drama.

Thankfully, for once, I was not involved in the drama, but they all sure made an effort to drag me into it. It was like drama quicksand, and I was lucky that I remembered to tie myself a rope to safety beforehand.

Another thing I don't understand is why people are so self-centered. I was working at the farm this morning from 9 to noon, packing vegetable boxes and getting covered in dirt. I guess it was during that time frame that most of the drama went down between my bands, unbeknownst to me. So then everybody starts trying to call me, like I can even do anything about drama I didn't start. I had my phone in the car, because I get too sweaty and dirty to have it on me at the farm.

So then everyone starts sending me these nasty texts about how I should answer my phone when the band calls. Even if I could, why? Everybody wants instant gratification in our society, but they can F off, because Cactus Joe is not their sugar daddy. They will have to gratify themselves some other way.

So the whole band thing left a bad taste in my mouth, and so I think I am just going to quit my bands entirely. Not all at once, mind you. I don't believe in leaving people hanging, notwithstanding the multiple times I have been left hanging. I just don't do that to people.

But I am going to start phasing out the live bands over the next year, with a deadline to be done with bands almost entirely by February 1, 2011. That's when FAWM starts and I want to be free from bands to focus on song writing and music production in my studio. I'll still be available for session work, but I don't ever want to call another band HOME again, because they are totally dysfunctional homes, with drama and passive aggressive behavior, and a lot of alcoholism too, if truth be told. Drunkards entertain me, but only if I am getting cold hard cash to watch them. That's just how it is.

Well, tomorrow is PEOPLE FEST. I have managed to navigate between the piles of wet animal dung that have been flung in my path by everyone I am involved with in bands right now. So it should go fairly smoothly. I am performing solo tomorrow (or possibly TODAY as you are reading this, or maybe even last week if you are slow to read my posts - see, I don't demand instant gratification from my readership, because I am cool) at around 3:45 PM.

My parents are coming down for the fest and after my Friday gig, we are going to go out to dinner, maybe with Sherry, who is also coming to PEOPLE FEST. My sis, niece and nephew are also coming down, although it depends on the kids' emotional state if they will join us for dinner.

I will probably camp at PEOPLE FEST, rather than take advantage of the motel digs that my folks will be utilizing.

On Saturday, I probably have to do some PEOPLE FEST duties before PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND plays around 8:30 PM. I might bug out of there late Saturday night, because lately the hippie fests have been starting to annoy me, degenerating into drunken debauchery that I really gain no benefit from. I don't want to stop anyone else from having fun, if annihilating brain cells is their cup of tea. But I don't need that right now. I have other, more pressing matters.


My time has long expired.

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