10 Minutes - Stand Up Bass, Giant Mountain Bike, BioCube Aquarium, and Other Ballast

Hi. It's Joe.

Well, I sold my BioCube aquarium. So now, the only one I can offer you is this one. And I think you can probably do better via Craigslist or even a local pet store, once you factor in shipping.

The next thing on the list to sell, because I surely don't need it, is Tracy's "Boulder SE" Giant mountain bike. Here's a pic:

She told me it is cool to sell it, so I put it on Craigslist, and I had one guy query me on it. He wants to get his girlfriend a mountain bike. I told him this is a pretty small bike and he said his girlfriend is 5'2" so maybe it will be a good fit.

So we'll see about that. I'll just keep posting it around until someone bites.

Also on the list to sell is my 1985 Glaesel acoustic upright (or "stand up") bass. I am an electric bass player, and as much as it would be fun to someday be a good upright bass player, that's not in my immediate future.

Plus, when it is in my immediate future, I am going to get something like THIS.

I am also still trying to sell my Carvin bass guitar. Maybe I should go into business selling used bass guitars. Of course, then I would have to get my hands on a few used bass guitars, and I think I have more than enough basses already.

I have to report that I haven't been that into pursuing a music career lately, at least not around here. The music scene is weak here, and there's just a lot of BS to deal with. Since I don't really want to move to LA or Nashville right now, I guess that's a sign I am not as passionate about it as I should be.

So I think I'm going to focus on the writing career right now. That's way more tangible here. Everyone needs a writer and I'm driven to do it even in the absence of actual paid writing assignments. However, I am getting a few more paid writing assignments.

I'm also more actively seeking writing jobs. It's not because I need the money, although it would be nice. But I just like writing and I have concluded that I shouldn't have to rely on music for my livelihood. I always kind of knew this.

You can be a lot more free and creative when you don't have to worry about paying the bills. Hugh McLeod taught me that, via Derek Sivers.

It's easier to not "sell out" when you can rely on income streams outside of your "art." Wouldn't you agree? That's not to say I won't still be writing and performing music anymore. I just won't be worrying about it, and everyone will be a lot better off.

Even with my regular writing, there's an artistic side and a business side. The stuff I write for fun, like this blog, isn't where I make my money (but feel free to donate!). At least, not much money.

Are you coming to PEOPLE FEST this weekend? COMMENT below. I love hearing from you.

My time's up.

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