10 Minutes - Today Was Fun!

Hi. It's Joe.

Today was a good day.

It started out a little bad, in as much as the power adapter for my Mac laptop konked out. The cable had frayed and it was irreparable. So I called MG, my Mac guru and asked him where I could get a decent replacement. He recommended BEST BUY, which now offers a limited supply of Mac goods and services.

So I went to BEST BUY and found the 85 Watt adapter I needed that was compatible with my laptop. It was a restock one, so I got it for a few bucks less than retail. It didn't save much, but at least I got the new power adapter.

Of course, once at BEST BUY I was powerless to leave without checking out the LED flat screen monitors. I have always wanted one for use with the recording software that I use in my home studio. They have come down an awful lot in price, so I ended up taking one home. Of course, they gave me the wrong cable to "adapt" the LED monitor to my laptop. It didn't even need an adapter, just a different cable.

So in the afternoon, I returned to BEST BUY with my laptop to return the useless adapter and seek out the simple cable I needed. That went smoothly, and in fact as I type this, the LED screen is on to my right. It was "plug and play," fully functional and ready to go when I plugged it into my Mac and turned it on.

Between my two trips to BEST BUY, the well pump pressure tank repair guy came out to the house to install my new well pump pressure tank. It's bigger and better than the one that exploded last Thursday. It cost an arm and a leg, but I learned how well pump pressure tanks work. They are basically a sealed tank of air with a built in bladder. The well pump fills the bladder with water and as it grows to fill the space inside the air tank, the air in the tank is pressurized by compression. This pressure forces the water through the pipes whenever I turn on a tap. When the bladder is almost empty and the pressure in the air tank approaches atmospheric, the well pump turns back on and refills the bladder, thus repressurizing the air tank.

What happened with the old pressure tank was that the bladder had ruptured. So whenever the pump turned on, the water was going right into the air tank in the space that usually just held compressed air. Over time, the water corroded the wall of the tank and one day (last Thursday evening, in fact) it ruptured, spraying water into my basement as the pressure of the tank escaped.

Luckily, I was home, and I heard it. I turned off the well pump and drained the pipes of back pressure until the well guy came and removed the ruptured tank. I have two air tanks, actually. The other one was fine. So once he capped of the pipe to the ruptured tank, the other tank was fully functional and I was able to turn the well pump back on.

With less air space now available to pressurize the system, the pump turned on more frequently, but this was not a big deal. The repair man could not return with a new tank until Monday, so we went the weekend on "one kidney" so to speak. I was gone at PEOPLE FEST most of the weekend anyway, and my roommate Matt was gone to Chicago most of the weekend too, so we weren't putting a strain on the reduced system.

Anyway, the repair guy returned Monday with a much bigger replacement tank than what had been on there before. So now the well pump should have to do even less work, and might save me a few pennies on energy bills.

So anyway, the new LED flat screen monitor is very slick and will definitely make my home recording studio seem a lot cooler than it actually is.

I am writing this post on posterous.com, which is a cool site. It let's you write a post on the posterous site, and then it automatically posts to the REAL Joe's Coffee Fix blog and notifies all my social media networks (which are pretty much Facebook and Twitter) in one go. As soon as I post this, my Twitter and Facebook friends will immediately know and can excitedly come read this post on either posterous.com or Joe's Coffee Fix Blog."

I mainly want to see if the AMAZON link at the top of this post goes through with the HTML.

My time is up, so let's run this little test.

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