10 Minutes - Low Acid Coffee

Hi. It's Joe.

Sometimes I actually write about COFFEE on this general interest blog. Statistically, it is no more likely than any other topic, notwithstanding the title of this blog.

But today, I am using "low acid coffee" as a topical launch pad for my 10 minutes of freeform stream of consciousness writing.

Low acid coffee is simply coffee that is easier on the stomach because it has a more neutral acidity. It is great for coffee lovers with gastrointestinal issues, like acid reflux disease or just sensitive stomachs.

I am such a person.

Have you ever noticed when you drink black coffee, it has kind of an acidic taste, but when you add milk, this "acidity" goes away? Milk is a buffering alkaline additive that helps to neutralize the natural acidity of coffee, which is why creamers go so well with coffee. Sugar helps too, though not as much as creamer, hence the popularity of "mocha lattes" and the like.

Any coffee can be rendered "low acid" by cold brewing. Essentially, you mix any ground coffee with cold water and let it "brew" (if you want to call it that) for about 12 hours in the refrigerator. Because of the low temperature, it has to brew for a long time to get all of the coffee goodness into the liquid.

After brewing, you strain off the cold, low acid coffee and warm it up to drink it. The acid compounds are left in the residual coffee grounds, which can be discarded.

But that sounds cumbersome, so I recommend just getting low acid coffee beans (whole or ground) and using them the normal way, or else adding milk to neutralize the acidity.

That's enough on that particular topic. According to Market Samurai, it's a good one for ranking in Google when people search for "low acid coffee," a phrase which is searched for quite a lot on the Internet. There aren't many web sites dealing with the topic in their titles or content, so I am expecting that as soon as I get done writing here and post this, it should rank fairly high on Google search for "low acid coffee."

Other phrases that might generate some traffic are: "Jamaican coffee," "roasted coffee bean," and possibly "organic coffee beans."

Anyway, I'm still up at the cabin in Shell Lake where, in a few weeks, I'll be hosting the family-friendly northern Wisconsin social bike event called "Bike With Melinda" for a stupid reason.

One thing is for sure. Although there may not be any Melinda, there will be strong coffee available at the cabin for "Bike With Melinda."

It won't be low acid coffee, just the normal kind. We might have organic coffee beans, but they will be roasted coffee beans, not green coffee beans.

It would be fun to roast my own coffee beans someday, but "Bike With Melinda" is about bicycling in northern Wisconsin, not roasting coffee. In fact, several activities rank much higher than roasting or drinking coffee on "Bike With Melinda." These might include, nature watching, kayaking, swimming, wind surfing, eating, fishing, and many other things.

My time is up.

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