People With Jobs in Cambridge WI - Roommates Wanted!

Hi. It's Joe.

This post isn't for my regular readers, though it doesn't exclude them either.

It's for people with jobs in or near Cambridge WI who are looking for roommates and a place to live starting September 1.

My current roommate Matt is moving to Madison WI at the end of August, so I can now offer Cambridge accommodation to qualified individuals looking for a roommate situation and amazingly awesome digs (big, nice house!).

Thus, I seek two (2) new roommates beginning Sept 1 (Cambridge, WI, east of Cottage Grove).

I have two rooms available: 1. $650/mo with own bathroom or 2. $550/mo with shared bathroom.

Utilities are included (except cable TV) + wireless Internet. Big rooms with giant communal living space.

Five-minute walk to Lake Ripley.

My house is the optimal residence for musicians (recording studio and jam space, free!).

Dogs are OK, provided they get along with my dog Buddy.

Deposit and references required. Month to month lease.

If you are looking for Cambridge WI homes, this is a great living arrangement while you do your house hunting.

I can also accommodate people looking for a Bed & Breakfast in Cambridge WI, if all the other ones are full.

Talk to me.

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