10 Minutes - A New Perspective

Hi. It's Joe.

It's Saturday night. I'm chilling, watching a few episodes of the old Star Trek via YouTube on my new flat screen monitor.

I finished my first week at the new technical writing contract job. I like it. My work is cut out for me and it is clear what I need to do. It's hard, but enjoyable. By hard, I mean intensive. It's nothing I can't handle, but it takes a lot of brain power and focus. I like that. At my last job there was no direction or purpose and I was never allowed to do the things I wanted to do. Now I am able to pursue what I was cut out to do. Things really could not be better. I'm also making a decent amount of money, and that's cool.

The only down side is the long commute to Middleton WI from Cambridge WI. It's not bad right now. I can usually avoid the traffic in Madison pretty well and since I am at the workplace all day, I don't really have to drive anywhere when I am there. When winter arrives, I will feel less impartial about the commute. But it is possible I can work from home sometimes.

Anyway, my time is about up.

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