10 Minutes - Summer's End

Hi. It's Joe.

Summer isn't really ending, but the fun of summer is. After Labor Day, we have to close up the cottage for the year. It's always a bit nostalgic.

But there is still plenty of fun to be had. If I don't get the underwriting from THE MAN I seek, I will probably have to sell my house and take the money and run. It would be cool to get a camper van and tour around. I envision performing in one location until I have generated enough cash to move to the next location.

When Todd and Sherry were up here over the weekend for Bike With Melinda, the end of summer big event up at the cottage, Todd and I were monkeying with my Mac laptop to try and fix the battery. Well, we f-ed something up because now it won't boot up at all. It just goes into an infinite loop of useless disk spinning and never loads.

That's why I am posting on my Crackberry and my time is up because it takes forever to type on this thing. Hopefully, I can boot my Mac from the OSX DVD and not have to pay an arm and a leg for repairs. Note to self: Don't monkey with the Mac.

Via my Blackberry

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