10 Minutes - It Has Been a While

Hi. It's Joe.

It probably seems like a while since I posted.

But it hasn't. It is just that I had this blog set to private for a while. After I landed my new job, I didn't want prying eyes knowing all about me, so I set it to be viewed only with my permission. It turns out I was just paranoid. At my last job everyone was nosy and backstabbing, but at this place I am working at now, everyone is cool. They don't even give a shit what other people do outside of work.

Now that Halloween is coming, I thought I had better put it back to public so I can let all my readers know the cool news. GUPPY EFFECT is going to play at the Hay Market in Decorah IA on Saturday Rocktober 30, for a big Halloween party. We are pulling out all the stops and at midnight we are going to pull off something spectacular. You will miss it if you are not there, and I did not want that to happen.

People Brothers Band is also playing on Friday Rocktober 29, at the Lazy Oaf in Madison WI. I think you should come to that because I am going to try to go as Wonder Woman for that Halloween party, just to shock the hippies.

I finally got the exercise bike set up in the basement with my widescreen computer monitor in front of it so I can watch stuff while I work out. Lately I have been watching episodes of THE EVENT, which is best described as LOST meets 24. Sci-fi elements and political intrigue.

I tell you this mainly because I am going to go work out now, so I am going to end this post.


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