1 Minute - Ask God About Travel Coffee Mugs

Hi. It's Joe.

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

Post your question as a COMMENT under this post. If and when God reads this blog, I am sure he will answer.

My question is, "Who makes the best travel coffee mug in the universe?" Because frankly all of mine have one design flaw or another and most basically suck or are not durable.

One that is pretty good is the COPCO. Ironically, it's design is very close to that of a disposable "to go" coffee cup.

That makes some sense to me.



10 Minutes - My Last Day in Colorado: Why Hawkwind?

Hi. It's Joe.

Today is my last day in Colorado.

It isn't even a full day. My plane leaves tonight from Denver around 7:40 PM.

But there is still ample time to go up to Carl's house in Woodland Park and get a sauna.

That's the plan for today. I had a really relaxing time out here. I am fully rejuvenated to go back to Wisconsin and back to work tomorrow, which by the way is CYBER MONDAY.

I don't feel as bad about Cyber Monday as I do about Black Friday.

The word Cyber has that cool science fiction sound to it, and that makes it OK.

But I guess horror buffs probably like the sound of Black Friday as much as I like the sound of Cyber Monday.

And therein lies the future demise of humanity.

Black Sabbath buffs probably like the sound of Black Friday too, but they probably equally like the sound of Cyber Monday, because Black Sabbath has a song called "Supernaut," and have a few sci-fi themed other tunes as well.

By that logic, Black Sabbath AND sci-fi buffs ought to appreciate the album "Hall of the Mountain Grill" by 70s rockers Hawkwind. This LSD-fueled psychedelic metal band pre-dates Sabbath and was Lemmy of Motorhead's first band.



1 Minute - Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado Springs

One bright spot in this year's election was Colorado's legalization of pot dispensaries. They have a green cross outside to indicate they are wellness center's. Many of them are on Colorado Ave. in Manitou Springs Co.

They require a doctor's prescription but they have a doctor on staff to accommodate people.

Anything that put's a thorn in the side of THE MAN is alright by me.
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5 Minutes - Manitou Springs

Hi. It's Joe.

This afternoon we spent some time in scenic Manitou Springs CO, mostly eating and socializing.

I succussfully avoided any major shopping today, only buying myself a coffee early in the day.

It is strange that both my friend Sherry from WI and I both have sisters that live in and around Denver and Colorado Springs. It is also strange that we are both out here for the Thanksgiving weekend to hang with family. Perhaps odder still, Sherry and my sister both have their birthdays on November 29. Also my sister's Secretary of State is named Kennedy and Sherry's Secretary of State is named Lincoln. OK, sorry. Esoteric reference lost on younger generation.

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1 Minute - More Garden of the Gods Pictures (but posting delayed so I don't overwhelm you...)

Hi. It's Joe.

This time I am testing Blogger's ability to handle picture uploads. My hypothesis is that Posterous will be better and easier because that is what Posterous was designed to do. SO here goes...

My hypothesis was proven false. The uploading via Blogger is about the same as with Posterous.


The difficult step is really just the uploading to the computer from my Smart Phone before posting. That is a pain.


1 Minute - The Complete Garden of the (One True) God(s) Video Series

Hi. It's Joe.

OK, I used Bluetooth for the videos because they are cumbersome to work with via Smart Phone.

Here is the complete video series from today's hike so you can live vicariously through me.

Sorry about the discussion about bowel and urinary functions. No time to edit...

I am quite curious to see what Posterous does to them when converting to the Joe's Coffee Fix blog format.


Download now or watch on posterous
VID%2000021.3GP (1103 KB)
Download now or watch on posterous
VID%2000022.3GP (1818 KB)
Download now or watch on posterous
VID%2000020.3GP (620 KB)

Download now or watch on posterous
VID%2000023.3GP (324 KB)
Download now or watch on posterous
VID%2000024.3GP (256 KB)
Download now or watch on posterous
VID%2000026.3GP (191 KB)
Download now or watch on posterous
VID%2000025.3GP (300 KB)
Download now or watch on posterous
VID%2000027.3GP (223 KB)
Minute - 
Download now or watch on posterous
VID%2000028.3GP (573 KB)

1 Minute - Garden of the Gods (F Bluetooth)

Hi. It's joe.

6 of one. Half dozen of the other as far as Bluetooth vs. Smart Phone upload.

This is a test of the latter. Here are 5 pictures from this afternoon's mosy around Garden of the (One True) God(s) with Sherry M. and her family members.

Yes, I am totally ribbing fundamentalist Christianity there because I do so love the angry comments I get from them due to no sense of humor.
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1 Minute - I am in Colorado. Where are you?

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm in Colorado. If I knew how to download my Blackberry's pics and videos to this computer at my sister's house, I would do it. Actually, I do know how. But it is cumbersome and requires Bluetooth. So let's just call it laziness and move on.

Colorado is pretty kickass. I have always liked it out here and now that my sister has a cool new house in the foothills, it is even awesomer. OK, awesomer is not a word, I know that. But this is a free write, so I am not going to correct it.

This is a short one minute blog post, because I really am going to figure out how to Bluetooth to this computer and then post some pictures on another blog post with more details.

If I can't do it, or laziness still gets the better of me, I will simply post to joescoffeefix.posterous.com, and you can either stay tuned there or here, because Posterous will automatically post to this blog, although without any kind of decent formatting. I will have to do that later. Still, it might be easier than using Bluetooth.

Can you tell I do not like Bluetooth?

OK, I saved the shameless promotional stuff until the end. For the BEST Black Friday Holiday Deals, visit the GUPPY EFFECT online holiday store. You can shop for Christmas or Hannukah with the full knowledge that you are sticking it to THE MAN in some smallish way.



10 Minutes - This is My Castle

Hi. It's Joe.

I haven't written in a while. I have been busy. I am keeping occupied with a lot of cool things.

Anyway, I really like my house. It is perfect and has everything I need.

So it is my castle. I have achieved the largest palace I ever want or need. I think that's cool.

It's actually a little bit beyond my current means. But not by much. And my means are always improving.

Even royalty lives beyond its means sometimes.

Now I can refer to my house as my castle or palace and have royal events here.

Like tomorrow, the Court of Cactus Joe will entertain random guests for a sociable, with music by GUPPY EFFECT, the greatest band in the world.

Some people are always striving for more. They don't know when to stop when they have enough. I think they are taught that they must always achieve more. But sometimes you achieve all you want. Then stop. That is wise.