1 Minute - I am in Colorado. Where are you?

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm in Colorado. If I knew how to download my Blackberry's pics and videos to this computer at my sister's house, I would do it. Actually, I do know how. But it is cumbersome and requires Bluetooth. So let's just call it laziness and move on.

Colorado is pretty kickass. I have always liked it out here and now that my sister has a cool new house in the foothills, it is even awesomer. OK, awesomer is not a word, I know that. But this is a free write, so I am not going to correct it.

This is a short one minute blog post, because I really am going to figure out how to Bluetooth to this computer and then post some pictures on another blog post with more details.

If I can't do it, or laziness still gets the better of me, I will simply post to joescoffeefix.posterous.com, and you can either stay tuned there or here, because Posterous will automatically post to this blog, although without any kind of decent formatting. I will have to do that later. Still, it might be easier than using Bluetooth.

Can you tell I do not like Bluetooth?

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