10 Minutes - My Last Day in Colorado: Why Hawkwind?

Hi. It's Joe.

Today is my last day in Colorado.

It isn't even a full day. My plane leaves tonight from Denver around 7:40 PM.

But there is still ample time to go up to Carl's house in Woodland Park and get a sauna.

That's the plan for today. I had a really relaxing time out here. I am fully rejuvenated to go back to Wisconsin and back to work tomorrow, which by the way is CYBER MONDAY.

I don't feel as bad about Cyber Monday as I do about Black Friday.

The word Cyber has that cool science fiction sound to it, and that makes it OK.

But I guess horror buffs probably like the sound of Black Friday as much as I like the sound of Cyber Monday.

And therein lies the future demise of humanity.

Black Sabbath buffs probably like the sound of Black Friday too, but they probably equally like the sound of Cyber Monday, because Black Sabbath has a song called "Supernaut," and have a few sci-fi themed other tunes as well.

By that logic, Black Sabbath AND sci-fi buffs ought to appreciate the album "Hall of the Mountain Grill" by 70s rockers Hawkwind. This LSD-fueled psychedelic metal band pre-dates Sabbath and was Lemmy of Motorhead's first band.


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