10 Minutes - This is My Castle

Hi. It's Joe.

I haven't written in a while. I have been busy. I am keeping occupied with a lot of cool things.

Anyway, I really like my house. It is perfect and has everything I need.

So it is my castle. I have achieved the largest palace I ever want or need. I think that's cool.

It's actually a little bit beyond my current means. But not by much. And my means are always improving.

Even royalty lives beyond its means sometimes.

Now I can refer to my house as my castle or palace and have royal events here.

Like tomorrow, the Court of Cactus Joe will entertain random guests for a sociable, with music by GUPPY EFFECT, the greatest band in the world.

Some people are always striving for more. They don't know when to stop when they have enough. I think they are taught that they must always achieve more. But sometimes you achieve all you want. Then stop. That is wise.


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