10 Minutes - 2011 Is Going to be Kickass

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm on a short break at work until 3:30 PM. So I figured that was enough time to post on this blog of 10 minutes or less.

I am geeked for 2011. I am putting together a delicious punk metal band called the PURVEYORS OR PULCHRITUDE with my friend Jodi (aka Stela).

It's going to be a lot of raunchy funny sexually themed songs. We are building it from the ground up, because that is the best way to form a band. It is going to be more than music. It is going to be a stage show, a burlesque theatrical presentation. I am really looking forward to it.

Of course, my other bands will still be going strong. I might also form a MOTORHEAD COVER BAND, with me on bass and vocals. Even though I look nothing like Lemmy, I can sing like him when I want to. That would just be super fun.

I also expect to have a new or better job going into the new year. If my current employer can keep me on, I will have better pay and benefits right where I am. If not, I have been furiously applying for other technical writing positions around Madison WI.

I am very optimistic I will land one. But if I don't, I will still be able to do my freelance writing and search engine optimization, via blogs. I ended up buying Market Samurai, for monetizing my blogs. It is a great tool. Basically, think of any keyword or keyword phrase, and it will tell you what related keywords people are searching for on Google so you can maximize traffic. It tells you what keywords are too competitive, so you can customize.

Well, that is about all the time I have. Visit www.licktheballsofagoat.com to learn more about the PURVEYORS OF PULCHRITUDE and follow the band's development and progress.


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