1 Minute - How to Hard Boil an Egg

Hi. It's Joe.

Seriously? You just searched the Internet to find out how to hard boil an egg?

You are not alone.

It's true. Almost 2,000 people search "how to hard boil an egg" on Google every single day.

And there are almost 30,000 web sites devoted to answering the query.

Boil. Egg.

But wait! Not so fast with the patronizing tone there, Joe... There are actually a few interesting nuances and subtleties to hard boiling an egg.

Don't believe me? CHECK THIS OUT.

Who knew that not so fresh eggs are best for hard boiling? (NOTE: They peel easier after boiling).

That's good info. Had I not done a little homework on the title of this post, I might have gone my entire life not ever knowing that fresh eggs are BAD for hard boiling, and thus made a total ass of myself. My life will now be 0.000000003% better as a result of this finding.

Do you ever wonder how much protein is in an egg? I don't know, but I can tell you it is probably a lot. I think it is probably mostly protein in an egg for all intents and purposes. That's what makes the egg hard when you boil it.

Watch this (unrelated) video because it is absolutely hilarious, especially if you think ROCK PAPER SCISSORS is dumb.


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