1 Minute - What is the Capital of Belize (all-inclusive)?

Hi. It's Joe.

It occurred to me that I have no idea what the capital of Belize is. Because I am lazy, I thought rather than go and Google it myself, I would attract random visitors to this post (via the AWESOME, albeit possibly misspelled, SEO keywords I put in the title) and have them tell me via comments below. Thank you in advance!

So if you know the Belize capital city, write it below. Don't Google it, if you don't know, because that's cheating. I mean, I could go do that, but like I said I am a lazy ass and would prefer to see if my workload-easing SEO optimization of this blog (and you, reader) can do my work for me.

Don't think of it as being exploited. Think of it as participating in an experiment to test my SEO skills.

I also need to mention the keyword "Belize all-inclusive" right now, because that appears to be a good one for useless junk traffic. I guess a lot of people want to go to Belize and have EVERYTHING included, whatever that means.


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