10 Minutes - Angels and Demons and Don't Spare the Horses!

Hi. It's Joe.

So, after the amazing Italian chicken dish Leonard da Vinci cooked for me, I took him to Madison to see a show. One of my friend's bands played.

The whole drive there, Leonardo was checking out all the LEDs on the dashboard of my Prius and kept ecstatically yelling what sounded phonetically like, "Doe vay so no eek a valley," and occasionally, "No eek a valley, stoop a fetch en tay."

No idea. But when we got to the High Noon rock club and the band kicked it, his eyes went wide and he watched in silent awe, occasionally waving his hands about his head as if in dazed wonderment.

After about three songs, during a break in the music, he grabbed my arm and leaned close to say in my ear, "Dell dee ah volo dee la vorro." It sounded a little like "diablo" something, so I think he was saying it was the devil's music maybe. So true. So true. But I don't know for sure.

I bought him a few beers and after a while his awe turned to excitement and he began to twirl about in frenzied dancing to the rock-n-roll music. Man can dance, let me tell you.

He was quite the hit with the ladies too, serenading and amusing them with his moves on the flo'. They thought his odd Italian dialect was sexy and it was cute that he didn't know any English at all. Even if he did know a little English, it would be 16th century Renaissance English and that's a lot different than today's English.

It would be like trying to have a conversation with Shakespeare. Shakespeare with a strong Italian accent.

Anyway, we are back home now, watching Angels and Demons on Netflix (I thought Da Vinci Code might be a bit much, don't you agree?).

He can't understand a word of it, but he's completely entranced, like a 3-year old in front of Saturday morning cartoons. Mesmerized. I got the guest room ready, and I have to say I am feeling a bit like a medieval inn keeper right now. It's kind of cool.


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