10 Minutes - A Beatnik Fashion Statement

Hi. It's Joe.

I wrote a song today. It's called "Beatnik Fashion Statement." It's pretty good for a demo recorded in my living room. I love the Violet Black Knight all purpose condenser microphone for recording.

If you came to this site looking for beatnik fashions, you should listen to this song.

As it explains, there really aren't any true beatnik fashions. Except maybe turtle neck sweaters.

Beatnik Fashion Statement
by Cactus Joe
© 2011 Cactus Joe Productions LLC

I've been crazily writing stuff. It sounds good. February is coming, and that's February Album Writing Month (FAWM). A lot of what will be written will be along the lines of this song, quirky, deep, abstract, existential, non-commercial.

I'm a magnificently good song writer, and I am not just tooting my own horn. There is no market for my music because it is too damn good. What sells today and makes money is catchy pop drivel, not thoughtful stuff like this. The hooks in my songs are phenomenal. You'll be singing them all day long.

But they don't sell pharmaceuticals and fast food, so forget it.

"Beatnik Fashion Statement" might even surprise me with its awesomeness once I get Pedro over here to record drums. I have been getting some good drums mixes for a while now. This demo just has Apple Loops

HERE is an example. This is "Falling of the Rain," one of my crowd pleasing original live hits. GUPPY EFFECT, the best band in the world, recorded it at band practice the other night. I had to clean it up a lot because of the biffage on guitar and noisy vocals, but the drums were solid throughout and I have to congratulate drummer Pedro for rocking hard on a song he barely knows.

OK, I am out. If you want to know more about my music, visit www.cactusjoeonline.com.



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