10 Minutes - Beatniks Keep it on the DL

Hi. It's Joe.

Without disclosing any names, let me just say that my next employer is going to be AWESOME.

I applied for a tech writing job at this employer, with whom I did contract work last year, and I loved the people and the job.

When a FT writer position opened up, I applied right away. They took their sweet time lining me up for an interview, but I finally got one and it is next week.

Here is what is awesome. Some of the people I worked with there as a contractor really want me to get the job and they are going to get together with me OUTSIDE of work to coach me on tips I may need to land the job. That's fucking teamwork, and I love it.

At my last job, you couldn't turn your back for two seconds or someone would stab you in it.

This is the complete opposite. I already had friends who work at this particular company, before I even contracted there. So I totally knew it was cool.

I am also contributing to an extra-curricular project that one of the other writers is doing outside of the company, that is really fun. It is directly related to my new song.

In a little while, I am off to Whitewater WI to co-host an all-vinyl radio show called TURNTABLE. If all goes well, I will meet Amb afterwards for some socializing.

I ended up not going to Ohio this weekend because of weather and that job interview next week. But keep it on the down low, because I want to be left alone by the people who generally make my life stressful. If they think I am gone away, they won't inquire as to the needful things I can satisfy for them.

Right now I am going to quick pay the sales tax on GUPPY EFFECT merchandise I sold last year. Then I am off.

Tomorrow night, I am going to hear LORDS OF THE TRIDENT at the Annex in Madison WI, if anyone would like to join the heavy metal fun!


Beatnik Fashion Statement
by Cactus Joe
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