10 Minutes - Big Lebowski Soundtrack (in My Bowling Movie)

Hi. It's Joe.

I do believe I am going bowling tomorrow night.

Of course, bowling for me is drinking White Russians and watching other people bowl.

You may recall the Lebowski themed bowling outing I organized last December 30 in Madison WI...

Well, it has inspired a bit of a pattern in me. Whenever I go to a bowling alley, I feel compelled to order a White Russian, even if I am not bowling.

You find the following characters represented in my movie montage of our bowling outing: The Dude, Walter, Bunny, Maude, The Stranger, Brant, and The Jesus. Good times were had by all.

I am still on the DL. Everyone thinks I am in Ohio, so I am free to do what I want this weekend without anyone harshing my gig. It is nice to take a "personal" weekend now and then. Don't you dare tell on me!

A lot of people Google search for the "big lebowski soundtrack," but surprisingly few web sites have taken advantage of this opportunity for web traffic and conversions (a fancy word for "sales"). So I have done the service here, and you'll find the Big Lebowski Soundtrack by clicking the Amazon link up there in the upper right of this blog post. Enjoy!

A few back links to this post in my subsequent posts and Jeffery Lebowski will be paying my mortgage. I just hope when I am a millionaire, the other Jeffery Lebowski doesn't get his rug peed on by an "Asian American."

Tonight I am off to see Ken Anderson perform at the VFW in Madison. I know that does not seem like an awesome live music venue, but soon I will find out and then I will let you know.

If I have the energy, I might go see Lords of the Trident at the Annex, but I am feeling kind of mellow tonight and I want to take it easy.


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2. Gentle Leader Head Collar for Dogs.

3. Big Lebowski Soundtrack.

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