10 Minutes - Da Vinci: Time Traveler?

Hi. It's Joe.

I just about had a heart attack when the guy appeared in my living room, seemingly out of nowhere.

It was more the low thump of the accompanying pressure wave that sent a massive load of adrenaline into my blood stream, and dislodged most of the CDs from my nearby media rack.

"What the fuck?" I yelled, jumping backwards as the human form materialized in front of me.

As my fight or flight responses pummeled it out with each other as to what exactly I should do, the man held up his hands, palms facing me, in the universal sign of "don't worry, I am not a threat."

Still, a strange man was in my living room, where moments before I had been alone, listening to music, which now still emanated from the speakers of my home stereo.

"Pah chay," said the man. Then again, "Pah chay."

"Pah chay?" I repeated back to him. "What's that?"

"Pah chay," he said again. Then he moved his outspread hands to his chest and said, "Da Vinci. Leonardo Da Vinci."

After a moment of thought that included the logical reasoning that it was just as likely this man in front of me was Leonardo da Vinci as it was for a man, any man, to materialize out of thin air in my living room, I held up my hands and repeated back to him, "Pah chay."

Then I indicated myself and said, "Joe." In retrospect, it was a very disciplined response considering the fantastical thing that had just happened.

"Joe," he replied, although it sounded more like Choe, and then he smiled and said slowly what sounded like "so no una meeko," which he repeated twice for emphasis.

I was to discover later that what I had heard phonetically as "pah chay" was actually "pace," the Italian word for "peace." He had been trying to convey to me that he came in peace, and "so no una meeko" was actually "sono un amico," Italian for "I am a friend."



sparx said...

So... if some strange dude materialized in your house, and pointed his palms at you, that's a friendly gesture?
In my mind I would have translated "Pah chay" as "I just made a mess of your CDs, now watch me blast you with energy beams from my open hand!"

Joe L. said...

I did duck a little at first, but it was really so unexpected, that I kind of froze. His demeanor seemed non-threatening and he was smiling. He's cooking me some chicken cattiatore right now, so I can't complain, in retrospect.