10 Minutes - How to Become a Songwriter

Hi. It's Joe.

How to become a songwriter is not rocket science.

There is only one simple step involved. Write songs.

I know that seems like an oversimplification, but as with anything 90% of TALENT is PRACTICE.

But that addresses a slightly different question: How to Become a GOOD Songwriter.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. First, you have to become a songwriter by writing songs.

Do this enough, and then you will start to become a GOOD songwriter.

Understand that you must write many songs that "suck" before you will write a song that "does not suck." Thus, the only way to write a good song, is to write many songs.

Songwriting is not a good trade for people seeking to make living or who don't take brutal criticism well. I have a thick skin. I don't take anything personally when it comes to songwriting. I take feedback and I use it to make my next song better.

I have a lot of songs that suck. I have a few that don't.

I wouldn't have the non-sucky songs if it were not for the sucky songs. So that's my thesis.

If you want to write songs, then just write them.



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