10 Minutes - I Am Enjoying a Kickass Birthday Weekend

Hi. It's Joe.

My birthday fell on Sunday January 9th this year. As a result, I had a three day marathon birthday weekend.

It kicked off with my birthday bash on Friday night at the Dry Bean pub in Madison WI, at which my awesome rock-n-roll band GUPPY EFFECT performed.

My friends Bryon, Rachel, and Jordan, who make up 3/4 of the band STRONG LIKE BEAR from Ames, IA also came out. STRONG LIKE BEAR opened the show for GUPPY EFFECT, in fact.

As a consequence of the fact that the missing 1/4 of STRONG LIKE BEAR was their bass player, Greg, the plan was for me to play bass with them. And it was a good plan.

I had to learn 20 of their original songs and three covers for the show, and I had ample time to do so, given that I am self-employed as a musician full time right now. I still had a cheat sheet, but I only had to glance at it a couple times during the show.

I got to the Dry Bean early, with my drummer Pedro, and we met STRONG LIKE BEAR for fish fry. They have all you can eat BAKED fish on the fish fry menu at Dry Bean, which I like. Typically, the baked option is not all you can eat at most fish places. But at the Dry Bean it is. So I fueled my rocking Friday night with three hefty slabs of baked cod.

And what a night of rocking it was. The STRONG LIKE BEAR set went smoothly and then GUPPY EFFECT took the stage and rocked almost NON-STOP until bar time (we took a short set break). The time just FLEW by and it was closing time before I knew or was ready for it to be.

We had a bunch of guest rockers perform. My bass student, Troy, played 3 numbers with us. Ex-Guppy Effect guitarist Kyle came up and played California, a song we co-wrote together a few years ago. Also, the members of STRONG LIKE BEAR joined us for a runaway train rendish of White Zombie's "Black Sunshine."

We shouted out several tributes, performing Leather for Heather for ex-Guppy Effect drummer MG's fiancee, Heather, and Blondie's "One Way or Another" for Clay and Gina of BABY ROCKET.

We also rocked two Kiss songs. "Dr. Love" was tributed to Tyler and "Detroit Rock City" went out to our merch girl, Jodi, who is from the big D.

And speaking of tributes and the D, we also played Tenacious D's "Tribute."

Well, my time is up, so I am going to stick to my guns and quit writing now. It is Sunday morning of my ACTUAL birthday. STRONG LIKE BEAR has headed back to Iowa and in a few short hours GUPPY EFFECT will rehearse, followed by a song writing session with PURVEYORS OF PULCHRITUDE.

Have a good one.


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