10 Minutes - It's the End of the World as We Know It

Hi. It's Joe.

Leonardo da Vinci left this morning. I was ready for the shock wave this time, when he vanished into the fabric of time-space, and the atmosphere rushed in to fill the man shaped vaccuum he left behind. It was a bit like a clap of thunder, not quite as loud. But still surprisingly loud.

Anyway, before he left, he managed to explain to me that the end of the world ("fine del mondo") is coming at the end of the year. He said this year, 2011, is the "ultimo anno di umanità," or the final year for humanity, I think. Thanks for the awesome news there, Chet.

Then he said something else that sounded like "far allah major party di esso." I am not sure what it meant, but since it sounded like he said "major party," I am going to assume he was saying "party like it's the end of the world, because it is."

Right before he vanished into his wormhole or whatever he uses to travel time-space, he looked at me and said, somewhat solemnly I thought, "lumenita nonay ree you sheeta. tropo malay." I wish I knew what it meant, since it sounded important.

Oh well, it was nice having Renaissance Man Leonard da Vinci around for a few days. He was a real nice guy, inquisitive, fun, and a good cook.

PS. He left me that chicken cattiatore recipe, so I can make it for you some time.


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sparx said...

Great! I think my new diet calls for 5 pounds of chicken cattiatore a day.