10 Minutes - Karmic Orchestrata and Cutest Girl Ever

Hi. It's Joe.

Today, the girl I have had a crush on FOREVER gave me her number.

I probably would have gotten it a long time ago, but was either too shy to ask or the forces of nature were working against me.

She's a waitress at a local restaurant/cafe and the cutest girl I ever did see. The past couple times I stopped in there to eat, she was not working. On prior occasions, when she was working, it was always a mad house in there and not conducive to casual conversation.

But today, the stars aligned. I went to the cafe with my friends Todd and Sherry, after the lunch rush had died down. I was helping Todd and Sherry load their borrowed truck for their gradual move to Osh Kosh, and we needed some fueling before we began the heavy lifting.

My crush was working, wearing a Green Bay Packers jersey and just looking cute as a cucumber. We sat at the breakfast bar, and because most of the customers were gone, she was able to banter with us at her leisure.

I asked her if she liked to dance. She said yes. I asked if she wanted to go dancing with me some time. She said yes. I asked, "Can I get your number?" She said yes. I could not have been happier.

She also said she is going to come to the GUPPY EFFECT rock show on Friday February 11 at Carp's Landing in Lake Mills. Sherry is going to come too, that way my crush can have someone to hang out with whilst I am rocking her socks off from the stage. Furthermore, since GUPPY EFFECT is opening for another band that night (actually splitting the bill 50/50), I will be able to hang out and dance with her during the second band.

I don't want to jinx it, so I am going to shut up now.

Tonight I am going to see People Brothers Band at Mr. Roberts in Madison. That is the band that fired me a couple of weeks ago, right before Christmas. However, it was a mutual, amicable parting of ways, and I have nothing against them. They are a good band and I want to hear them and dance to them as a spectator, rather than a performer, because they are quite good. Part of the reason they fired me, I think, is because I would all too often leave the stage with my wireless bass and mingle with the audience so I could see and hear the awesomeness they were experiencing. There was a lot of Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in that endeavor though, because by being the observer, I was actually changing the outcome of the experiment (to wit, the fans became more interested in my contra-stage wanderings than with the band on stage, which I think made the band irritated).

In the meanwhile, I am going to work out and then practice some music. GUPPY EFFECT is learning three (3) new songs:

1. "Man of Constant Sorrow" by the Soggy Bottom Boys (punk rock rendish).
2. "The Government Totally Sucks (You Motherfucker)" by Tenacious D.
3. "Fuck You" by Cee Lo Green (this is the one People Brothers cover that I really miss not playing with them anymore).

Also, now that I am performing with BABY ROCKET again, I have to learn (bass and vocals) for "La Grange" by ZZ Top and (maybe) "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC. Both are going to be really challenging. But the one that is going to be most hard (surprisingly) is A Ha's "Take On Me." You would not think that song is so hard, but it's not as easy as you would think. I think it is one that I will need to play in the car over and over to get it right, vocally at least. The bass part is simple, but singing and playing it will be a challenge.

I'm thinking about voice lessons. I'm starting to become a decent enough singer that I thought a few tips from a pro might push me over the cliff into really good singer. So I have a introductory lesson with a singing teacher this Tuesday at Madison Music Foundry.


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