10 Minutes - Martin Acoustic Guitars

Hi. It's Joe.

Martin 0-28VS Acoustic Guitar StandardI rocked a kickass solo show at Tuvalu Cafe in Verona WI tonight. Everything was on, and I sounded awesome. Stefan did join me for a handful of songs, and I have to say they sounded awesome too. But I also have to say I am really beginning to enjoy playing solo more and more.

What I really need to do is get my hands on a tasty Martin acoustic guitar, like the one shown on the right. You know, a guitar that basically plays itself.

There is a little family owned guitar store in Colorado Springs CO, where my sister lives, that has some magnificent guitars. I never like to go in the place because I really want to buy something, and often leave with something expensive. Bad Joe!

After my show at Tuvalu, I swung by Dry Bean to catch my friend Belle's band TRANCE HALO. They rocked and Belle is a hottie chick bass player.



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