10 Minutes - Time for Sleep and Back Links

Hi. It's Joe.

I don't have time for this post, but I am making time.

I just got back from rocking out with the People Brothers Band. And by rocking out, I mean dancing to, because as you'll recall, thy fired me. But I never take anything personally, and they are a fun band to dance to.

I always get wired up after a good rock show, even when I am not performing, only partying. So it's hard to go to sleep when I get home. I thought maybe blogging a few minutes would relax me and I would get sleepy.

I think it's working. Writing for me is like a catharsis, a therapeutic endeavor. I may have to blacklist Mr. Roberts bar in Madison. It used to be a cool venue for local bands to play, but now I have it from a primary source that it's no longer about the MUSIC, it's about the money. That will sacrifice the integrity of the bands that play there.

I'm going to finish out this short post with backlinks to some other site of mine. I am horrible about backlinking and I don't like to waste valuable blog space on backlinks, because I care about giving my readers some quality material.

But this seems like a perfect opportunity for some gratuitous backlinks.

1. Make Your Own Business Cards.
2. Gentle Leader Head Collar for Dogs.
3. Best Band in the World.

Yeah, you always have to have one totally crazy backlink, I think.

Head collars. Right...


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