10 Minutes - Tornadic Activity

Hi. It's Joe.

I wrote a song this morning.

It's called "Tornadic Activity" and it's a metaphorical song about relationship angst. Not that I am having relationship angst. You have to have a relationship before you can have angst, ha ha.

CLICK HERE if you want to hear it. Then, if you want to, you can leave a comment below telling me what you think.

I have a couple other songs in the works, so stay tuned. One is called "Beatnik Fashion Statement" and another is called "Moisture."

And these are only preambulatory (not really a word) to the songs I will be writing in February as part of February Album Writing Month (FAWM). This is just practice, getting my chops honed for the inspirado-fest that is FAWM.

I got my new Android phone today, via UPS. I don't really have time to set it up before my weekend kicks into full throttle, starting with BABY ROCKET practice at 4 PM today, followed by a social with friends at some kind of Middle Eastern hookah bar with belly dancers. That should be a trip.

Tomorrow (Saturday) there is a Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) workshop in Madison from 10 AM to 1 PM, followed by PURVEYORS OF PULCHRITUDE practice, and then a songwriter's showcase I am hosting at Tuvalu Coffee Shoppe in Verona WI from 7 to 9 PM. Full day of music.

Sunday has an early GUPPY EFFECT (best band ever) practice at 10 AM, in violation of High Metal Council rule "No Rocking Before Noon." But this is because of the big football game on which the future of mankind, time, space, and dimension hinges - that being the one between the Packers and the Bears. It will be a true demon battle. I honestly don't give a crap, but it's an excuse to go to a party and eat free food and talk to girls, so that works for me.



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