10 Minutes - Two Day Warning

Hi. It's Joe.

On Tuesday, two days hence, I will be interviewing for a new job. I don't expect to start said job right away, but if I get an offer (and I am very optimistic), I will be starting the job soon.

That means my torrential outpouring of blog posts will dwindle to a trickle, due to the time demands of THE MAN. Don't get me wrong, this particular MAN is a decent underwriter of my creativity, and so I don't mind bartering a decent portion of my soul to HIM to keep me "in business," so to speak.

This is probably good news for some of my readers, as it will give them an opportunity to catch up on the back log of blog posts they haven't read yet (all of them excellent), maybe listen to some of the songs I have posted and watch some of the YouTube videos I have embedded. The COUCH CONCERTS (solo HOUSE CONCERTS) are enjoyable.

Today is Sunday and I have a to do list. I need to re-up my BROADJAM membership for another year. I am actually closing my music business bank account because the charlatans at the bank are changing the terms on me. They want to charge me a fee if I do not keep a $1000 minimum balance in my business account. So I am going to close it and open just a regular no fee checking account. Why are people so greedy?

Then I am going to spend a good chunk of the rest of today practicing for BABY ROCKET rehearsal on Tuesday evening (post interview). Tuesday is going to be a very busy day. I may sell my standup bass on Tuesday. I met a woman at the Madison Music Foundry whose son is learning the standup bass. She wants to check it out and maybe buy it. I need to download some details about the bass. I also need to see if I can fit the damn thing in my car to drive it to Madison. Chores...

Well, my time is about expired. I will probably post again later. In the meanwhile, have a listen to "Rebound Romance," the song I wrote yesterday.

I added some glockenspiel. Never underestimate the power of glockenspiel to make or break a song.


Rebound Romance
by Cactus Joe
© 2011 Cactus Joe Productions LLC


1. Make Your Own Business Cards.

2. Gentle Leader Head Collar for Dogs.

3. Big Lebowski Soundtrack.

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