10 Minutes - Well, I Suppose I Should Write Some Random Thoughts

Hi. It's Joe.

Well, Blogger seems to be sucking less right now. For a while earlier, I could not post because the edit window just had a spinning disk icon. Now I forgot, entirely, what I was going to write about. So at random...

February Album Writing Month (aka FAWM) is coming soon. I think this will be my forth year doing it. The goal is to write 14 songs in the 28 days of February. I think I have always reached the goal, although a majority of the songs suck donkey balls. Then again, a handful don't, and these have become timeless GUPPY EFFECT hit songs, such as A ROMEO AND JULIET THING.

Then there were a few esoteric, but kickass tunes that never become GUPPY EFFECT material like the touching and heartfelt THRICE HEART and the indulgent but fantastical LUV YA BABY.

My life rocks right now. Granted, I need a job. But since I don't have one, I am being uber productive with music and writing. It's awesome to be this productive. I am really glad I am single and not dealing with burdensome GFs. Not that all GFs are burdensome, but some are, and they are a thing of the past, which rules. It's only quality women for Joe henceforth.

I have met some really cool friends recently. I am very grateful for that. I realize I was gravitating toward really negative people the past year, even though I am very positive. As a result, those people drained me of life force. Now it is fully restored and there isn't a gosh darned thing the negative energy vampires can do about it.

GUPPY EFFECT is taking off. PURVEYORS OF PULCHRITUDE is awesome. And now that I no longer play in hippy jam band PEOPLE BROS, I am going to be doing more high paying BABY ROCKET shows.

I dig it.


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