3 Minutes - Ex-Girlfriend Gone. Hoover SteamVac Still Here.

Hi. It's Joe.

So, thanks to an oversight on her part, my ex-girlfriend forgot to take her Hoover SteamVac when she moved out.

This thing is freakin' AWESOME.

It totally removes carpet stains and for doggie vomit, it's a miracle.

Basically, you fill the reservoir with dish soap water and a little vinegar (optional).

The machine heats and sprays the soapy solution on the stain and then applies these high speed brushes (apparently) to scrub it away.

On the front of the SteamVac is a groove that sucks the soapy solution (and stain components) back up into a catch basin

NOTE: You have to move the SteamVac backwards over the stain, counter-intuitive to the way you would use a regular vaccuum cleaner.

So far there is no stain this thing can't remove.

Karma always pays back, and Da Vinci can't get enough of this thing - he's fascinated ("a fashay nantay!").


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