5 Minutes - Pulchritude is a Big Word

Hi. It's Joe.

I have to go to bed in five (5) minutes, so I can get up fairly early and teach a bass lesson in the morning. I just wanted to write a little before slumber, and it was a chance for more back links (placed inconspicuously below).

After teaching tomorrow, I am going to work on a song called "Moisture." It is about moist (not exactly wet, but wetter than dry) things. Eyes. Humidity. Loins. Clouds.

Then I am co-hosting an all vinyl radio show with Matt and Ashley on WSUW 91.7 FM from 4-5 PM, in Whitewater. What am I going to do when those college kids graduate and I don't have any radio shows to co-host anymore? Well, hopefully by then I will be on to bigger and better things.

I was supposed to hear about the tech writer job today, but didn't. I will give them until Friday then I am going to become tremulous.

It's nice to be single again, and freely able to hang with my B(F)FFs and not have a jealous girlfriend moaning about it all the time. Not that that ever happened, mind you, but in the abstract it is a nice thing.


How to Become a Songwriter.

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