5 Minutes - Song Writing Tips and Applying for Jobs

Hi. It's Joe.

I am doing my due diligence, although probably only five (5) minutes of writing tonight. I am dozing off as it is.

Yesterday was Sunday and PURVEYORS OF PULCHRITUDE had an 8 hour song-writing marathon, with a couple breaks for drum practice and pizza. We produced a very high quality tune called "(When I Grow Up) I Wanna Be a Cougar."

It's kind of country rock, but with indie power pop changes in places and very clever lyrics.

This song writing trio is the bomb. Three (3) really is the magic number. Yeah, it is. It's the magic number. Collaborative songwriting is generally accepted as good practice in the song writing circles, but usually involves only two people, one better at lyrics and the other better at music.

But here we have three people, two of whom are seasoned musicians and one of whom is a novice with awesome creative ideas. I tend to be the expert in melody lines, while Stefan is good at coming up with good chord progressions for songs. Jodi, our chick drummer in training, is clever with lyrical ideas that Stefan and I then take and knead into the dough that is the developing song.

A lot of these songs are meant to be sung by a girl, and we don't yet have a chick singer. We want to get 10 or so songs down before we bring someone in, that way they will have something to do.

On the one hand, it is going to be hard to find a chick singer who wants to be associated with the burlesque style of rock-n-roll this group puts out. But on the other hand, if we do find such a singer, it will be a perfect match.

I applied for two (2) jobs today. In the meanwhile, there's rocking to do.


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