8 Minutes - Hello

Hi. It's Joe.

Sorry I have been lax on writing.

My new job rocks and I am putting a lot of time in at work because I really like it. I am a tech writer and it's what I want to do with my life. Technical but also creative. A great balance.

Also good people and a great and supportive work environment. My boss is eccentric but also funny and cool, unlike the life force sucking energy vampire of a boss at the vitamin company I used to work for.

Incidentally, I found out the vitamin company was one of douchebag WI governor Scott Walker's biggest contributors. There is poetic justice in this. But I don't have time to go into why.

Ignore the vitamin company hyperlinks above. They are purely for gratuitous backlinking purposes.

One day GOOGLE will recognize how totally fucking awesome this blog is and put it at the TOP of every search for things awesome.

GUPPY EFFECT is learning "The Government Totally Sucks" by Tenacious D.


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